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Top Women's Ceramic Watches Under $500

Ceramic is currently the biggest trend in women's fashion watches going. Ceramic watches offer extreme fashion and elegance with a sleek, shiny texture and are a unique change from metallic watch cases and straps. In fact, the biggest drawback to a ceramic watch is the high cost with most selling for over $1,000!

Fortunately I have found a few stunning options from quality brands with models under $500. These come from three of my favorite watch brands which are all currently very in right now: Emporio Armani, Fossil and Michael Kors.

One final quick note about ceramics. If you haven't held one before they are a denser and heavier material than most watches you may be used to. Keep this in mind if you are afraid of a heavy accessory and if you drop it on a hard surface it may be done for since ceramic can chip or shatter if not properly cared handled.

Black Ceramic Fossil Watch CE1009

Summary: Incredibly elegant yet sporty with a round case embellished with a diamond-like bezel and mutlifunction 3-dial face. This ceramic is versatile, flashy and understated all in one somehow. This is also a new model available from Fossil who is new to ceramics so you can be the first get on the block to own one.

It's on the bigger side for a women's watch and the ceramic material makes it heavy as well so you will want to wear it loosely. I get a cool Hollywood starlet vibe from this watch for its sleek texture and clean look.

Price: $225 Case Size: 40mm Water Resistant: Up to 10 ATM Warranty: 11-years

Emporio Armani White Ceramic Watch - AR1405

Summary: This ceramic Emporio Armani watch gives a new update to a class watch. It's modern, sophisticated and stylish and it never hurts to have the Emporio Armani brand as well. The Roman numerals give it a touch of class and the clean, white design make it universal enough to wear with anything.

For ceramic this is a smaller watch so it works well on a petite wrist. This watch will certainly be noticed but the subtely of it makes sure you don't even look like you're trying, and with a watch like this why should you?

Case Size: 35MM Water Resistant: 3 ATM Warranty: 2-years

Michael Kors White Ceramic Watch - MKF11 Summary: This Michael Kors ceramic is the perfect storm of trendiness. Ceramic - check, chronograph - check, oversized - check, monocromatic color - check, Michael Kors - checkmate! You might even say this watch is "white hot"?

Michael Kors is the hottest brand in the world right now and this watch design could explain why. It's sporty-trendy so you can imagine wearing it at a chichi country club tennis court but not your mom's country club. This watch may be a bit too sporty for evening wear but fits with any casual look.

Case Size: 42MM Water Resistant: 3 AT Warranty: 2-years Price: $450.